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Fire in California: Will Smith and Lady Gaga share terrible Malibu evacuation shootings

Will Smith, Lady Gaga, and Patsy Palmer shared evacuation films as they fled Calabasas in the midst of California forest fires.

Various Hollywood stars have released updates on the flame that have led celebrities like Kim Kardashian West and Caitlyn Jenner to vacate their properties

Smith said, "The smoke is very close now, and for the first time I can see fire, our house is right there, we are not in the evacuation zone, but I do not like it, so we go."

He has previously said that his daughter Willow, 18, was frightened by the proximity of the fire.

Jenner said she was safe in the middle of the fire, but showed that the fate of her home is "in the air."

Will shares horrible shots of wildfire

It was reported that Jenner Malibus house had been destroyed. The 69-year-old TV personality told Instagram a video to tell fans that she was safe but still did not know what had happened to her house.

She sat next to her friend Sophia Hutchins and said, "Well, we're safe in a safehouse, I do not know if the house made it or not, it's still in the air, but we're fine."

Hutchins, 22, added, "We're safe, that's all that matters."

The fire quickly spread overnight

Kardashian West had previously announced that the flames had stopped near their home in the Hidden Hills, northwest of Los Angeles.

She has since shown a picture of how she kissed her seven-month-old niece True, the daughter of Khloe Kardashian.

The picture was inscribed: "I'm trying to break away from this fire and cuddle up with my niece, we're all safe and that's all that matters."

Actor Charlie Sheen sounds the alarm when he says he can not contact his Hollywood star-dad Martin Sheen and his mother Janet.
He wrote on Twitter: "I can not meet my parents, Martin and Janet Sheen, they are in the group, near Zuma Beach.

Lady Gaga shared this movie earlier today

"If anyone has eyes on them, let me know that they feel safe and sound in this terrible scenario."

The West Wing Star later confirmed to Fox11 in Los Angeles that he and his family were "fine," adding, "Emilio, Ramone, Renee, Charlie, we're fine.

"We're at Zuma Beach, we'll probably be sleeping in the car tonight, we're fine, and we hope you can."
Charlie Sheen's former wife, Denise Richards, said she evacuated the area with her "furry children" and her daughters have already been taken to safety.

Lady Gaga was evacuated this morning

She wrote on Instagram: "We love our community so devastating … it took us hours to evacuate them, girls are safe. @Aaronwilliamcameron & I try to go out with our furry children.

"Be sure, everyone … so emotional that you see the devastating loss of homes, families and animals."
Oscar-winning director Guillermo Del Toro also confirmed that he had been evacuated and dreaded for his home and extensive collection of movie memorabilia.

Heavy smoke covered the hills

He wrote on Twitter: "Evacuated last night, Bleak House and the collection may be in jeopardy, but the gift of life is preserved, a thousand oaks and agouras are still in danger, Malibu is being evacuated."

The actress Alyssa Milano told the fans that her house can be hit by flames, but her horses and children are safe.
Milano had tweeted her followers and asked for help to get their five horses out of the fire.

In an update she wrote: "Horses are finally safe, my children are safe, my home is in danger, but … everything with a heartbeat is safe, thank you for your concern."

Fueled by a wind of up to 50 km / h, a 5,000 hectare fire seized the Malibu area

The Charmed star condemned people who used to criticize her for caring for the welfare of their animals, adding, "Those who insisted they still get hurt because our political affiliation is different that which is wrong with the land. "

Former EastEnders star Patsy Palmer now lives near Los Angeles, leaving her home.

Next to a sky full of smoke, the actress who played Bianca Jackson on the soap wrote: "Praying for all who lost their homes today, we've made it safe, Mother Nature … wow prays for everyone in Malibu & a thousand oaks. "

The landscape was covered with thick smoke

Star Wars star Mark Hamill thanked the fans for their concern in the fire. He confirmed that he and his family were safe and added, "Although the (fire) are dangerously close to our home, @MarilouHamill – @NathanHamill – @ GriffinHamill – @ chelseahamill – Millie – Mabel & me are at the moment all safe & rooting of our £ FearlessFirefighters in their fight against MeanMotherNature. "

Niall Horan, a direction star, challenged people to leave the area and wrote in a tweet, "If you live in the Thousand Oaks / Malibu area, then evacuate.
"The fires are at 0% containment and become wilder over the course of minutes."

Lady Gaga revealed her concern for her property and celebrated the fire and rescue services as "true heroes."
She tweeted: "I think so deeply for all who suffer today from these vile fires and complain about the loss of their homes or loved ones.

"I'm sitting here with many of you wondering if my home will go up in flames, all we can do is pray together and for each other, God bless you."

She did not say if she was in the property in question.

In the area around Hill Canyon in the south of the state, a fire broke out on Thursday and spread quickly, jumping on a highway and searing up to 7,000 acres of land, the Ventura County Fire Department said.

The so-called Woolsey Fire grew overnight and the entire city of Malibu with 13,000 inhabitants was asked to leave the country.
Kardashian West was one of the first wave of celebrities to leave the area, releasing a video from an airplane window on their Instagram story on Thursday night, which showed fire below.

Her sister Khloe had tweeted to say she could not sleep, adding, "I'm too nervous with these fires."

Actor Rainn Wilson, known for his role in the US version of The Office, shared a picture of a plume of smoke in the distance behind some hills. He wrote: "My house is in. £ WoolseyFire."

Disney boss Robert Iger posted a picture of the view from his office on Twitter – a large orange cloud of smoke behind a Walt Disney tower.

"I hope everyone is very careful this morning," he tweeted.

The wildfire has also reportedly destroyed Western Town's television and film production facility at Paramount Ranch.

The venue was used for productions, including The Adventures Of Marco Polo, 1938 and dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman on TV. Recently, he was used for the drama series West World.

Fires have also devastated an area in Northern California and killed five people in the town of Paradise near San Francisco.

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Caitlyn Jenner and "fiancée" Sophia Hutchins


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