Fire in Lyon: a huge plume of smoke visible for miles

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The fire broke out in an apartment in a building on the Quai Saint-Antoine. (©DR)

The plume of smoke was visible for miles around, from several points in Lyon.

And fire declared himself in a building on the quai Saint-Antoine in the 2nd arrondissement, just opposite the Saône, on Tuesday January 24. According to several images of witnesses shared on social networks, the smoke was visible from the quays or the Croix-Rousse and in several places on the Peninsula.

The fire broke out at the very end of the morning, the firefighters intervened at 12:13 p.m. The fire was controlled and extinguished in the afternoon, according to the Departmental Metropolitan Fire Rescue Service.

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One lightly injured in fire

The fire reportedly broke out in an apartment on the upper floors. It spread into the attic. Three lances are mobilized to bring the disaster under control.

Many firefighters were deployed and traffic in the area was disrupted. The wharf was closed to traffic as the Grenette Street.

According to the Rhône firefighters, the fire caused a slight injury who was taken care of and evacuated to Saint-Joseph Saint-Luc hospital. This is the owner of the dwelling where the fire broke out.

Police said nine people were evacuated.

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