Fire in the electronics area of ​​Ciudad Traki Cumaná forced the closure of the store

The fire forced the closure of the store / Photo: Otto Irazabal

A fire, apparently the product of an electrical failure, was reported this Wednesday afternoon in the electronic products area of ​​Ciudad Traki in Cumaná, Sucre state, according to the report of witnesses, media and social networks.

Apparently, the timely action of the store’s security personnel, who prepared to evacuate customers and workers, prevented the incident from escalating.

The fire, which started in the electronics section of the store, spread rapidly due to the large number of flammable products in the area. Industrial Security personnel were in charge of controlling the fire and preventing it from spreading to other nearby businesses.

According to the information that is handled, the establishment will be closed until further notice. This until an assessment of the damage is carried out and the necessary measures are taken to guarantee the safety of clients and staff.

Unofficially, it was reported that the representatives of “Traki” assured that they are working hard to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

A larger incident occurred in 2011 at the La Cascada shopping center store in the city of Maturín in the state of Monagas, but in that fire the losses were total.

Sucre / Cecilia Larez

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2023-06-01 01:45:07