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Fire Reggio Emilia: two dead and two very serious girls, 40 intoxicated – Corriere della Sera

Drama in Reggio Emilia where, for reasons yet to be ascertained, a fire developed in a building, inhabited mainly by foreigners, in which two people died, a North African man and a woman. Very serious two children of three and six years. A state brought to the hospital of Fidenza and the other hospitalized in Rianimazione in Reggio: the firefighters, who intervened after the alarm arrived shortly after midnight, they saved them while they were suffocating. Including the two children, currently there are ten people in red code, and four others in the yellow code hospitalized in Reggio Emilia. This was stated by SkyTG24 Salvatore Concolino, of the Reggio Emilia fire department. To these wounded are added the other three, a woman and two children, transported to the Niguarda hospital in Milan and in Fidenza. The fire – explained Concolino – was tamed around 5 am this morning. It developed from the cellars and the thick smoke spread throughout the stairwell, an element that has led many to pour into the stairs to look for an escape route. The evacuation operations – he added – were very long and complicated precisely because it was impossible to use the stairwell. Now the fire is tamed and we await the reclamation of the premises to have elements that go back to the triggering cause of the flames.

The victims found on the stairs

The two victims of the stake were found right on the stairs, presumably as they tried to escape the thick smoke that spread. It is a man and a woman of North African origin, husband and wife, who had resided for years in the building. They would have been poisoned while looking for an escape route.

Save many children

The fire took place in Via Turri, at number 33 of a multi-storey building – a stone's throw from the railway station – where the firemen rescued at least forty people, all intoxicated by smoking. Many children the police have taken away holding them in their arms. At least five the ladders sent by the 115. Still unknown the causes that triggered the fire. In the area the alarm has been raised for some time due to the occupied cellars.

I saw the house fill with smoke

I saw the house fill with smoke, you could not breathe. Then I gave the alarm to the firemen. Ivan, 27, of Moldovan origin, still in shock at the exit of the building in via Turri 33 where he has been living with his mother and a brother for a few months. I took a damp cloth and put it in front of my mouth – he adds -. Then I ran off the stairs. It was all black, you could not see anything. I saw the dead outside here. The Municipality of Reggio was set up to house the first displaced people discharged from the hospital of Santa Maria Nuova.

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