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Fire, smoke, and shouting … a missile on a bridge in Tel Aviv

by archyw

During the last hours, social media users shared a video clip showing a fire in a Tel Aviv bridge, after a missile fired by Palestinian factions from Gaza hit it.

The video showed fire and smoke rising from the bridge, amid the screams of the cameraman who recorded the clip.

This came as warning sirens sounded all over Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion Airport, coinciding with the announcement of the missile attack.

It is noteworthy that Israel continues to escalate its attacks on the Gaza Strip, rejecting calls for calm, as the Chief of Staff of the Israeli army announced that Tel Aviv was ready for several days of fighting on the front of the Gaza Strip.

The latest toll by the Palestinian authorities, on Friday evening, indicated that 145 people were killed, including 39 children, and one thousand were wounded in the Israeli bombardment.

A sixth day of escalation

It is noteworthy that the security campaign on the Gaza Strip entered its sixth day, as Israel pushed, on Saturday, more military vehicles towards the border with the Strip, with renewed violent bombing and air strikes.

The Israeli shelling also targeted the sector with violent air strikes, while shelling was launched from the sea, amid a warning that electricity service will be completely cut off in the entire sector during the coming hours.

The Israeli army announced that it had fired 278 rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israel, during the last 24 hours.


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