Fire, speedboat cuts the road to canadair: risk of collision at sea

Alassio. Moments of fear during the extinguishing of the fire that devastated the Albenganese. A motorboat, in fact, at high speed, risked hitting a canadair plane that was about to refuel at sea to carry out the action of launching the jets of water necessary to circumscribe the flames.

A video has been released showing the scene and the sequence, with a risk of collision with tragic consequences.

The incident took place in the Alaxine waters.

Some have published and resumed the video on social media, triggering various reactions, with the aim of identifying and signaling the motorboat in transit in the water and which would have hindered the refueling of the aircraft engaged in the intervention on the vast wooded area.

According to what has been learned, the report of the episode is being examined by the investigators who are reconstructing the incident to understand possible responsibilities and / or actions not suited to the emergency situation and intervention for the forest fire. For now, only inquiries of a cognitive and informative nature.

Surely images that put the chills thinking about the actual danger of collision in the Alassian sea.