Firefighters attacked at the molotov cocktail in Nîmes : “we are with you !”

Firefighters attacked at the molotov cocktail in Nîmes : “we are with you !”


L a walking citizen held in the district of Pissevin after the attack suffered by the firefighters was attended by 200 people.

Pissevin, this Friday, October 20, more than 200 people participated in a march from the citizen and expressed their support to the fire victims to throw a molotov cocktail at the beginning of October. “We need the fire department every day. For our parents, our children, recalls Raouf Azzouz, director of the association, The Thousand colors. The fire department has experienced a severe event. And the population has come to tell them : we are with you. It is important to show our outrage and our support to the public services and in particular fire fighters. And also for all the bus drivers, the doctors, the nurses who come to heal and save people, or to cross the neighborhood.”

Tensions with the FN

Febrile, the inhabitants of Pissevin scroll up to the gallery Wagner. The first tension related to the presence of two elected FN, Julian Sanchez and Yoann Gillet are quickly channelled. The associations of a Thousand Colors, Rising Sun, Amaos, the district committee of Pissevin as well as the CNL (confederation nationale du logement) are at the origin of this gathering. And the two imams of the mosques Light, and Piety (Valdegour) and Peace (Pissevin) have relayed the message during sermons.

“firefighters are part of the population of the city, the neighbourhood, the nation, proclaims the imam of the mosque of Valdegour. They save our lives. If it is necessary, we will carry on our shoulders… The State and the elected officials need to respond. The surveillance cameras are not used for nothing. A minority of young people is rotting an entire neighborhood, an entire city.”

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“We support our firefighters and our police officers”, and ranting Djamel. In the crowd, firefighters and local residents put together for the friends equipped with mobile phones which immortalize the scene. Twenty firefighters and colonel Paul are present. “We operate in all areas. Without state of soul, remind the officer of the Sdis while thanking the population. We do not differentiate between neighbourhoods, the town centre… This gathering we touch the heart. I know that it is a minority which is at the origin of these events. A minority that is not in the image of our neighborhoods.”

“And us, evidenced by Mouna, we are for the security in our neighbourhood of Pissevin. As in all the districts. We want safety for everyone. And that’s all.”

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