firefighters rescue a 22-year-old

TORRE DELL’ORSO (Melendugno) – Fear, in the night, in Torre dell’Orso. Some passers-by, around one o’clock, turned to the emergency numbers: “There is the body of a man on the cliff”. Immediate intervention by the firefighters of the provincial command, who reached the coast of the marina of Melendugno.

Once on the spot, the firefighters immediately started the speleo alpine river rescue techniques, managing to reach the body of the boy, a 22-year-old from Soleto. Having ascertained the health conditions, fortunately under control, the boy was harnessed, brought back to a safe area and entrusted to the care of the 118 medical staff, in the meantime made to arrive.

Transported to the hospital and subjected to medical examinations, he reported bruises in several places on his body. No serious consequences, so much so that he was immediately discharged. According to what was initially reconstructed it would have been a fall, evidently due to the loss of balance. A circumstance that will be further investigated later.