Firefly Shaluodong Forest Village Infested Landscape Photographer: It starts to glow 30 minutes after sunset and is active and dancing for about an hour (09:58) – 20220512 – Hot News – Instant News

In terms of photographic equipment and settings, Tc Chan uses a single-lens reflex camera with a large aperture lens and a tripod. The focal length varies from 20 to 50mm depending on the composition. The single shot is set to 10 to 13 seconds, ISO 400 to 800, f2.8 to 5.6 , after taking more than 200 photos, select the most flickering stacks.

Firefly viewing rules: keep quiet, do not expose to strong light, do not shoot with flash

Fireflies are susceptible to human interference. Fireflies emit light mainly for defense and courtship. The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department reminds people to observe the following rules for viewing fireflies:

1. Do not catch fireflies or their larvae.

2. Do not irradiate fireflies with flashlights or other strong light, or take pictures with flashlights (red filters should be added to the flashlights, or red cellophane should be used to avoid light pollution), so as not to affect the defense and courtship behavior of fireflies.

3. When watching fireflies, keep the surrounding environment quiet so as not to disturb other wild animals or nearby villagers.

4. Never enter streams or ponds to avoid accidents.

5. Take away rubbish and keep suburban environment clean.

Text: Zhang Keer

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