Firefox Preview 4.2 released for Android

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Mozilla has released Firefox Preview 4.2. Firefox Preview is the successor to the previous Firefox for Android, which is developed under the internal name Fenix.

At the end of June last year, Mozilla released the first version of Firefox Preview. Since then, Mozilla’s new Android browser has already received some updates. Mozilla’s new browser will soon replace the previous Firefox for Android.

As with the last update, Firefox Preview 4.2 and the previous version are just over a week apart. Accordingly, the focus was again on bug fixes and improvements under the hood, but there were also a few interesting innovations.

What’s new in Firefox Preview 4.2

No protocol and www. more in the address bar

The protocol (http: // respectively https: //) and the www. at the beginning of most URLs is no longer shown in the address bar. You can still tell from the icon whether the connection is encrypted or not. In addition, the full URL will be visible as before when you click on the address bar and enter the URL’s edit mode.

The background to the change is on the one hand the very limited space available on the smartphone and on the other hand the requirement that the user can recognize as much of the domain as possible.

Firefox Preview 4.2

Automatic playback of media only via WLAN

With Firefox Preview 4.0, Mozilla introduced a setting earlier this month to block or allow automatic playback of audio and video. In Firefox Firefox Preview 4.2, this setting was revised. In addition to the option to block the automatic playback of both audio and video, there are also the options to block only the playback of audio or to allow the playback of video and audio only when you are in a WLAN.

Firefox Preview 4.2

Other innovations

As in the chronicle, the share function for bookmarks can now be used for several pages at the same time. The transition between the different settings windows is now animated. There are also various minor changes and bug fixes.

Rendering engine and components

Firefox Preview 4.2 is based on Mozilla Android Components 37.0.0 (previously: AC 36.0.2) and uses Mozilla GeckoView 75 2020-03-22 (previously: GV 75 2020-03-09) to display websites.

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