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First assault in Son Moix between Mallorca and Albacete

Mallorca will receive Albacete on Thursday, at the Son Moix stadium, which will record the best entry of the season, with the aim of gaining advantage in the first phase of promotion to a rival that won the two matches of the so-called 'regular league'.

The Mallorquinistas seek to settle the clash against the only rival that has won twice this season (1-3 in Palma, and 2-0 in Albacete) with a result that allows them to face with guarantees the return to the Carlos Belmonte stadium.

Mallorca has not lost on the island for six months, when Málaga defeated him 1-2, and that solidity at home is one of the main strengths of the team led by coach Vicente Moreno in the 'playoffs' of promotion. Also, the support of his fans has been important in the last section of the championship.

On the penultimate day, against Granada, 14,000 fans came to Son Moix, a figure that will be surpassed by the visit of the La Mancha team, according to the number of seats sold -12,962 until Wednesday- and the enormous expectation that the match has awakened .

Moreno will not be able to count on the left back defender Salva Ruiz, sanctioned, but he recovers in that position the Ecuadorian Pervis Estupiñán, who did not play in the last day in Extremadura, also by sanction.

The rest of the squad will be available to the Valencian coach to face a crucial tie in the history of a Mallorca that fell in 2013 after fifteen consecutive years in First.

After losing the category and surpassing even one year in Segunda B, the Balearic team was never as close as now to recover a place in the top category of Spanish football. That was possible after signing a football course well above the initial forecasts.

Mallorca finished fifth in the Liga 1,2,3 with 69 points, after 19 wins, 12 draws and 11 losses.

The Albacete travels to the stadium of Son Moix with the mind set on "winning" and with the more than likely start of the Gorosito center instead of the usual starter, Álvaro Arroyo, who loses the 'play-off' due to a break meniscus on his right knee.

The other place in doubt is the half point, which could be played by Álvaro Peña, Acuña and Rei Manaj.

Albacete players will try to win again a vermilion box, which they overcame in the two matches played in the regular competition, although some, like the goal Tomeu Nadal, have already warned that "these games will not look at all to the league ».

The coach of the team, Luis Miguel Ramis, stressed on Wednesday that his main purpose is "to win and go find goals, because they have a lot of weight in a tie", besides insisting, like his players, that "there is no equal matches ».

He has referred, in this sense, that each encounter "is different" and that in each "we analyze the positioning, tactics or the collective sense of the game of the rival" and that, for that reason, "it does not give us the advantage to have won in league, because this meeting will be something else, "he argued.

Ramis said: "I will be happy if at the end of the game in Mallorca we have the feeling that we have done everything possible to win. This match should unite the essence of Albacete this season ».

The coach from Tarragona has called 20 players to prevent any last-minute trouble, including the goal of the subsidiary Darío Ramos.

Probable alignments:

Mallorca: Queen; Joan Sastre, Valjent, Raíllo, Estupiñán; Aridai, Pedraza, Salva Sevilla, Dani Rodríguez; Junior Lake, Budimir.

Albacete: Tomeu Nadal; Tejero, Gorosito, Gentiletti, Fran García, Bela, Dani Torres, Febas, Eugeni, Acuña, Zozulia.

Referee: Carlos Pulido Santana (Canary Committee).

Stadium: Son Moix.

Time: 9:00 p.m.

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