First baseball player tests positive for corona virus that sends ripple effects through MLB – NBC Los Angeles

Maybe it was inevitable.

In the past few days the world of sport has become one
Screeching standstill when a handful of players tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.
It started with soccer players in Europe and eventually reached the NBA where
Three well-known players have already tested positive for the corona virus. It was
Just a matter of time before the virus infiltrated other sports.

It leaked into Major League Baseball on Sunday.

The New York Yankees were the first professional baseball
Team to announce that one of their minor league players had tested positive
COVID-19. The team indicated that the unidentified player was quarantined
Friday after fever.

Jeff Passan of ESPN was the first to report the news from
positive test.

The positive test will surely have a ripple effect in it
MLB world. Probably the entire Yankees list, both in the major league
and minor league side needs to be tested for the virus.

By the time this story was published, the team already had
told all their little league
Players must quarantine themselves for the next two weeks.

The entire spring training facility will most likely be
Shutdown – if not already done – and a timeline of who the unknown player came in from
Contact with and if he had contact with players from other teams, is from
vitally important.

MLB had sent a memo to all 30 teams on Sunday.
Encouraging all organizations to avoid activities involving players and
People who gather in considerable numbers.

“The risk that a player in a club facility will sign a contract
The virus is real, “read part of the memo.

Originally after Thursday’s announcement that MLB was
Interrupting the spring training season and delaying the start of regular training
During the season, spring training facilities should remain open so players can do it
continue training and preparing.

Shortly afterwards, the league announced these facilities
would close and players could choose to either return home or return
their home market or stay in their spring training city (either Arizona or

NBC LA spoke to a handful of Los Angeles Dodgers players, and most of them chose to stay in Arizona or return to Los Angeles. Many players are renting homes in the Arizona area with leases that expire next week.

MLB originally announced that the regular season would only be delayed by “two weeks”. NBC LA has learned that the original preliminary schedule played an important role in deciding where to stay during the ban. Many players felt that the season could start on April 9th, making it easiest to move to their home market for the next few weeks.

After the disease control centers announced on Sunday that all meetings of more than 50 people should be canceled for at least the next eight weeks. The likelihood that the MLB season will start in April seems rather bleak.

Most likely, the eight-week barometer is probably more
exactly, which means that the MLB season could start in late May or early
in June. Many players, including Dodgers, have to ask, “If
There is no baseball, which city would I rather spend the next two months
in the?”

It will be interesting to see if the announcement of the
The first baseball player to test positive has a ripple effect on the major league
Level, and if other positive tests come.


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