First choices have been made in ‘Farmer seeks woman’: these women and men are allowed to move to the farm

Farmer’s wife Cathy has made her choice: Dries, Kristof, Björn and Kenny can come along to the farm.

Things are gradually getting serious in ‘Boer seeks. woman’. On Sunday evening, farmer Cathy, dairy farmer Stef and farrier Raphaël decided which men and women could pack their bags to move to their farm. Not an easy task, certainly not for Stef (29). He wanted to accommodate nine women, but stuck with three.

Road Desmytere

Sunday, March 5, 2023 at 10:13 PM

The three lucky women eventually became Annelore from Mechelen, Leen from Loenhout and Elien from Westerlo. Presenter Dina Tersago had another extra in store. Stef was allowed to give one person a head start. She has 24 hours to win the farmer’s heart before the other women can take it. Stef chose Annelore.

The attentive viewer has noticed in the past episodes that Cathy (37), who runs a farmer’s playground, has a soft spot for both Kenny from Loppem and Björn from Hasselt. Their place on the farm was already secured, but she invited two other men for the farm week: Dries from Meerhout and Kristof from Kapelle-op-den-Bos. “And just because the choice for Kenny and Björn was made faster and because I feel that I need to get to know Dries and Christophe even better, I actually want to take them both on the 24-hour date,” it sounded.

Farrier Raphaël (26), a man of the direct approach, chose Jasha from Diest, Katrijn from Ninove and Jolyn from Asse. The latter was surprised, because she hadn’t let her heart be looked at until now. “That is why I choose to spend 24 hours apart with her,” says Raphaël. “Jolyn has been able to ram a wall that I haven’t been able to break through yet, but maybe I can now.” To be continued.