First Ecuadorian conceived ‘in vitro’ in a national clinic turns 30. What happened to his life in these years? This is his story | Ecuador | News


With three children and exercising the veterinary profession, Iván Arturo Padilla Núñez will arrive at the age of 30. It will be a special birthday, because on June 10 the three decades of the birth of the first test-tube baby in Ecuador will be remembered.

Iván is the fruit of that fertilization in vitro carried out in 1992 by the obstetrician-gynecologist Iván Valencia, at the Medical Center for Fertility and Sterility, in Quito.

The story of her birth is part of a second attempt to conceive by her parents, Carmen Núñez and Arturo Padilla. Originally from the province of Chimborazo, this couple had made a first attempt to in vitro in Bogotá (Colombia), but it did not work.

Carmen recalled that, after many unsuccessful visits to gynecologists in various places, she traveled to Bogotá, where she achieved a first pregnancy, but after two and a half months she miscarried.

After that failed attempt, the couple did not lose hope of having a child and made another attempt in the capital. For that year, the assisted technique was a success, because in the country the technology had not made any progress, said Dr. Valencia.

Ecuador’s first test tube baby

On the eve of the three decades of that episode, Iván Arturo Padilla Núñez met this weekend with his family and the doctor in Riobamba.

Dressed in a cowboy outfit, hat, sweater type jean With a lambswool collar and plaid shirt, Padilla reviewed his life in these years and recalled those days when his parents became the first couple to have a test tube baby.

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He said he felt happy and grateful to his parents for having fought for conception and not fainting because he did not have a child naturally.

Iván commented that his life passed like that of any other child or young person of his time. He remembered that at some point someone made a bad joke about it, but never aggressively.

Being younger he tried to enlist in the Ecuadorian Air Force. He couldn’t do it, because of a problem with his vision. So his next option, because of his attachment to animals, was a career as a veterinarian.

Apart from practicing veterinary medicine, she manages her parents’ property in the province of Chimborazo. In this field he tries to obtain the best genetics with inseminations; as well as, to have more strength in the animals, he crossbreeds, with which he obtains good milk production in the cattle.

Iván Padilla, his parents, his wife and his last daughter. Photo Wilson Pinto.
Photo: The Universe

As the property is located at an altitude of 3,400 meters, in a fairly cold environment, it tries to make better crosses so that the offspring can survive.

He is not very fond of sports, but he likes everything related to horses. Because of this, he even participates in lasso contests, rodeos, cockfights and bullfights.

Iván has just become a father for the third time. From his relationship with Mery Palacios, his daughter Irene Sophia was born two months ago. From a first engagement he has his children Jean Pierre Ismael, 9 years old, and Dayana Yomara, 8. He had no problem conceiving them.

40 years ago today the first human being was born by in vitro fertilization

From his role as a father, Iván urges couples who for some reason have a child that was not planned to know how to shelter him with the love and protection of the family, because many others do the impossible to conceive one.

Iván’s mother is grateful to God and science for having enjoyed being a mother. She said that it was a struggle of almost twenty years to have a child. Ivan arrived when she was 37 years old.

He jokingly pointed out that the only thing he regrets is not having tried to have a second child. (I)