First images of Geraldilne Bazán and his 'lover'!

First images of Geraldilne Bazán and his 'lover'!

It was one of the most anticipated images and we finally have it! Although Geraldine Bazán has never lost her smile and has always opted to be happy, the truth is that now her eyes have a special brightness.
                It seems that Cupid would have a lot to do with it and that Santiago Ramundo could have struck his heart. Neither of them has denied it and their affectionate silences could be a direct answer to the question of whether they are together.
                For the moment we have found you sharing important moments, happy and practicing one of your favorite activities, yoga. The actors went together to a class in Puerto Vallarta in the company of a group of friends who recorded them with these faces of absolute happiness.
                It was Geraldine herself who days ago confessed that she had "a suitor out there" as she picked up our website. Although Juguetona, it did not confirm exactly who, nor did it mention the word 'boyfriend', but it did assure that something nice was happening.
                They say that friction makes love and it is clear that both actors are sharing more and more time together. An illusion and breath of fresh air that would reach the life of the ex-Gabriel Soto after a hurricane storm lived with the father of his daughters.
                We will be very aware of this beautiful story of which we sincerely rejoice!

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