Thursday, 19 Apr 2018

First leaks for Intel’s Ice Lake: LGA 4189 and up to eight memory channels

For the past few days, G Suite client companies have been able to register macros directly from the Sheets interface. The function is located in the Tools menu and allows you to record action sequences. These can then be applied to other batches of data, tables, imports, exports and so on.
In his ticket Google explains that the series of actions is converted to Apps Script. It can be edited to modify for example a step of the process. So there is no need to start all over again. Those who wish can also write their own scripts and import them as macros.
If it’s the most visible novelty in Sheets, it’s not the only one. Google added page-by-page printing, custom print paper size, more options for row and column groups, and the ability (finally) to add check signs to cells.

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