First photos of William Levy in ‘Monte Cristo’

    If you are a fan of ‘Woman-fragranced coffee’, one of the best Latin telenovelas you will find on Netflix, you will know that William Levy has already parked Sebastián Vallejo to put himself in the shoes of Alejandro Montecristo, a character that promises to be as seductive as the successful soap opera. A few weeks ago, the Cuban actor shared a snapshot by the pool to announce that he had started recording this new series from Secuoya Studios, but now We already have the first official photos and you will love them.

    The production will be shot between Madrid and the Canary Islands and is inspired by the work of Alejandro Dumas, but adapted to the present. “It is a miniseries that portrays the clash between the old aristocracy and the new financial hierarchy, based on new technologies,” according to the producer.


    William Levy He has been happy to lead this work: “I am happy for the cast and this extraordinary team. I have wanted to shoot in Spain for a long time and for it to be ‘Montecristo’, a story that I have loved since I was a child, is a significant experience for me” . This will be under the orders of Alberto Ruiz Rojo, director who has described this project as “exciting” and whose objective is “to transmit in images the constant dilemma of the protagonist. For this we have opted for an elegant aesthetic, seeking how to symbolize his duality through of subframing, reflections, geometric compositions in certain spaces… An expressionism that speaks of what the characters live and feel”.

    william levy en montecristo


    Montecristo is described as an antihero who fights against the established system and who raises doubts among the wealthier classes about the origin of his wealth. His rival is Fernando Mondego, who will be played by Roberto Enríquez, but he will also have to deal with a diplomat (Juan Fernández) who will complicate his life quite a bit. Silvia Abascal, Guiomar Puerta and Esmeralda Pimentel, among others, complete the cast. Revenge is served, although it will take us a while to taste it because there is still no release date. Do not miss the best photos of William Levy. The wait will get lighter.

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