First poster ‘Avatar 2’ is very recognizable


Shortly after yesterday’s teaser trailer, the first poster for Avatar: The Way of Water also appeared online and can be viewed below. By the way, the poster also looks very recognizable.

The poster is a clear nod to the first poster for the original 2009 movie Avatar. That poster also shows a close-up of a Na’vi. By the way, it’s not the same character.

First poster for Avatar: The Way of Water
It is unknown which character we see on the poster. In any case, it is a Na’vi and possibly a member of the so-called blue water folk on Pandora. As the title will already be known The Way of Water especially discover the (under)water world of the planet.

The Way of Water Set more than ten years after the events of the original film, it follows the Sully family (Jake, Neytiri, and their children) as they encounter new problems, battle, and endure tragedy as they try to stay safe and alive.

The second Avatar by James Cameron is scheduled for December 16 this year and three more films are to be released after that. Below is the trailer again.