First reviews ‘Top Gun: Maverick’: one for the cinema?


For those who still doubted whether Top Gun: Maverick would be a movie for the cinema, we have the answer below whether you should see the film on the silver screen. The first reviews are online.

Those reviews about the film by director Joseph Kosinski (Oblivion, 2013) and again with Tom Cruise are very positive. At the time of writing, the action movie is on 96 percent after 67 reviews, with a tight 8.40/10 as an average rating.

Shot in the rose
“I crossed my arms and prepared for the worst. Two hours later, I scribbled words like ‘whoa!’, ‘exciting!’ and ‘hit the bullseye!!’ on,” said Charlotte O’Sullivan of the London Evening Standard.

“Watch it on the largest screen possible. Then watch the movie again,” said Kevin Maher of Times (UK). And Stephanie Zacharek from TIME Magazine: “A much better movie than its predecessor was, and much better than it really should have been.”

“A breathtaking, gravity and logic-defying sequel,” thinks Tomris Laffly of And Ian Freer from Empire Magazine: “Kosinski and co deliver all the Top Gun feel and more: slick visuals, crew camaraderie, thrilling aerial action, a surprising emotional impact and, in Tom Cruise, a magnetic movie star that feels like an old leather jacket.”

So yes, cinema material! From May 26 you can go to Top Gun: Maverickalso in IMAX and other larger screens.