First stop on 30 October 2021, from 9.00 to 18.00, in Piazza degli Artisti, at Vomero

As part of the regional campaign “I love myself”, this Saturday, October 30, from 9.00 to 18.00, in Piazza degli Artisti (Vomero), the first stage of the Health Camper of the ASL Napoli 1 Centro on board of which medical experts of the District Basic health care 27 directed by Dr. Raffaele Iandolo will carry out free visits, without the need for a reservation, for the prevention of tumor pathologies.

Pink prevention

Women, in particular, will be able to carry out a Pap test, ultrasound and breast examination at the mobile clinic.

At the basic health district 27 (in via San Gennaro ad Antignano 42), on Saturday it will also be possible to carry out bilateral digital mammography for the prevention of breast cancer.

I kit

In addition, kits for the detection of occult blood in faeces will be distributed at the Health Camper, the first step in identifying colorectal cancer.

Furthermore, it will be possible to carry out a dermatological examination for the prevention of melanoma and a pneumological examination with spirometry to prevent chronic respiratory diseases.

«One more opportunity – underlines the general manager Ciro Verdoliva – in which the ASL Napoli 1 Centro, in line with the guidelines of the President Vincenzo De Luca, supports citizens in prevention. Thanks to the commitment of our staff, primarily doctors and nurses, we will be able to spread a clear message on what is the importance of prevention with regard to cancer, and more.».

The Saturday of the screening

The initiative provides that every Saturday a different street or square in the city of Naples will be the protagonist of the campaign that aims to relaunch the importance of prevention: just think that in recent years in Italy on average 377,000 new cases of cancer have been diagnosed, of which 195,000 in men and 182,000 in women. Fortunately, thanks above all to the greater participation of citizens in screening campaigns, and also thanks to the greater effectiveness of the therapies, the overall cure rates have improved. But many cancers could be prevented or eradicated if many adhered to the screening and early diagnosis protocols proposed by the Regional Healthcare. “Our hope – adds the Health Director of the ASL Napoli 1 Centro Maria Corvino – is that the day welcomes not only many adhesions from Neapolitan citizens, but that it is also useful to convey the importance that early diagnosis plays in the treatment of diseases».

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