First test Peugeot 508 2: The Lioness aims high


The “high-end” salivates all the manufacturers said “generalist”, envious of the concrete image and the juicy margins cleared by the German logos, and other Lexus, Volvo or Jaguar sides. Peugeot is no exception and intends to renew in the family segment (Renault Talisman , VW Passat …) the success of his team 3008 / 5008 in SUVs. In fact, the new 508 wants to be “radical”. Seduction comes first, and so what if its new dimensions (- 8 cm in length, – 6 cm in height, + 1 cm in width compared to its predecessor) result in a clear decline for rear passengers: not only must the head be tilted to gain access to the bench, but the roof guard is reduced (- 6 cm), just like the legroom (- 4 cm) and shoulder width (- 4 cm). A more practical, but less extensive chest Last victim of the profile cut way, the rear view is as limited as the size of the bezel … not to mention that if the trunk now benefits from an electric tailgate to be more convenient than ever, its capacity officially loses almost 30 dm³ (487 dm³). But no matter, this 508 is primarily aimed at B2B (executives, representatives …), so that the rear seats will often be unoccupied. Like the 3008 and 5008, this dashboard is both modern and ergonomic. © Peugeot To attract quality lovers, Peugeot has drawn a presentation as flattering to the eye as practical to use. Ultimate declination of the i-cockpit house, the cabin is all the more premium as the beautiful realization is accompanied by windows without amounts (like a Audi A5 Sportback ), a nice perforated leather and technological equipment on the page (night vision, advanced line tracking assistant, advanced connectivity …). Tighten the little steering wheel is all the more envy that the Lion, true to his habits, did not miss the chassis part. The return of controlled damping Established on the EMP2 platform (those of the 308 and 3008/5008), this new 508 is entitled to a multi-link rear train and a damping controlled in series on this variant GT. A first since 407 Coupe (2005-2011) which allows the 508 to offer five driving modes (Manual, Sport, Normal, Comfort, Eco). No individual mode on the program for now, but we must recognize that each of them is consistent and even Sport is not caricatural. Demonstration in this variant 2.0 diesel 180 hp, necessarily associated with the box auto. 8-speed EAT. It would really be bad to miss not to appreciate the comfort of this road in the long course. © Peugeot Driving sweetness and effective raises are at the rendezvous, despite some dry re-couplings in town. It is a pleasure to hold the small steering wheel taking advantage of the high grip offered by the Peugeot family, which is grounded under all circumstances. We regret that diesel, discreet in stabilized, too high the tone to acceleration and that the heavy 19-inch wheels optional bounce on the grooves, but it would really be bad to miss not to appreciate the comfort of this long-haul road that offers, in the category, a cocktail of the most seductive. It remains to assume the price required by Peugeot: 47 600 €, even with a very complete equipment, it is very expensive when a VW Passat 2.0 TDI 190 DSG Carat, certainly more clumsy, is displayed 45 080 € with four wheel drive ( price June 2018) … The rear seats are less spacious than the previous generation. © Peugeot Data sheets Trade name Peugeot 508 2.0 BlueHDi 180 EAT8 GT Engine 4-cylinder in-line, Turbo, 16 S, 1997 cm 3 Power 180 hp Couple 400 Nm Transmission Before Box type Automatic Datasheet


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