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First unteachable, then undignified: the embarrassing year of Uli Hoeneß

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<p class=For the first time in 2018, Uli Hoeneß also suffered whistles and boos from his own fans.

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Uli Hoeneß is as argumentative as successful. But in 2018, the president of FC Bayern Munich makes an embarrassment after another. A look back at a year full of arrogance, overconfidence and dignity.

On March 10, 2018, the world of Uli Hoeneß was still in order. Bayern Munich led the table of the Bundesliga after 26 matchdays with 20 points ahead. Just the German record champion had won 6-0 against his favorite opponent, the HSV. Jupp Heynckes stood on the sideline of the Munich. It would be his last season as coach, the 72-year-old had already announced several times at this time. Even a wish successor Heynckes had the Bayern bosses still heart: Thomas Tuchel.

Tuchel wanted the Bayern bosses, led by President Uli Hoeness, but hear nothing. They were convinced that they could persuade their old friend, Josef, to spend another year as a coach. Hoeneß should be wrong. Heynckes remained steadfast and retired.

So Tuchel. In a hastily scheduled telephone conference, Bayern's management tried to convince the former BVB coach to leave the job in Munich two weeks later. Too late, Tuchel was now already "at another top club abroad in the word". The Bavarians, and especially Hoeneß, had lost their way. In the short term, they presented Niko Kovac of Eintracht Frankfurt as the new coach: Plan C. Maximal.

It should be the first disgrace of many in a dreadful 2018 year for the belligerent but often successful president of FC Bayern.

"Glad the spook is over"

The second did not wait long. In the summer, while Bayern fans still had low hopes that the sporting leadership would strengthen the aging squad yet with fresh, high-profile forces, the German national team embarrassed at the World Cup in Russia. The culprit for the debacle was quickly found among the populists: Mesut Özil, the lethargic playmaker who had taken pictures with the Turkish president. And no one expressed his dislike as lovingly as Uli Hoeneß. Shortly after announcing his resignation from the DFB-Elf, the Arsenal-professional said: "I am glad that the spook is over and he has been playing for a couple of years, winning the last duel before the 2014 World Cup ", Hoeneß railed in leaves of Springer-Verlag before the departure of Bayern to prepare for the season in the United States. That Özil, Erdogan photo or not, was statistically still among the best players of a weak national team? Who cares.

Not only dirt, but even a "shit" played in the eyes of Uli Hoeneß Juan Bernat. It was said to have been in April of the same year, in the quarter-finals of the Champions League against Sevilla. Bernat ran as a left-back for the Munich and was, according to Hoeness "alone responsible for the fact that we are almost eliminated, and that day it has been decided that we give him because he has cost us almost the entire Champions League." Impressive in view of the fact that Bernat, who is now a regular in Tuchel's Paris star ensemble, had only played in the first half of the first leg.

"Disrespectful and disgusting"

His memorable words to Bernat had slipped out of Hoeness at an equally memorable press conference. In mid-October, just minutes after Bayern boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge defended his fellow board members and the team against media attacks. An "irreverent and disgusting" and also factually false reporting he accused the German sports press. He does not shy away from quoting Article 1 of the Basic Law: "It says that human dignity is inviolable, I do not know whether football plays a special role or whether it has its own legislation for football, or at least certain media is allowed. " No, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. Of course, the Basic Law applies to all people. Excluded are only those who play dirt or bullshit.

The receipt for these embarrassments received the Bavarian bosses and above all Hoeneß on the annual general meeting of the Munich beginning of December. Whistles and boos were there and partly clear criticism. Above all, a fan dared the open attack: club member Johannes Bachmayr criticized Hoeneß that he interferes as a president and chairman of the supervisory board in the operational business. He criticized Hoeneß for joining Bernat. He criticized him because he cursed the media with reference to the Basic Law. And he criticized him for banishing Bayern icon Paul Breitner from the stadium's VIP stand just because the Hoeneß had criticized the embarrassing journalist scolding. Bachmayr began his talk with the words: "I used to want to become like Uli Hoeneß. Today, less than 20 years later, I'm not so sure anymore. "He finished with them:" Bayern is not a one-man show. "

And Hoeness? He was speechless. He knows attacks from the outside. But from the inside? He had not experienced that yet. He must first think about it, said Hoeneß after the Annual General Meeting. He had promised, "that I will say factual things in the future".

But the speechlessness should not last long. Only two days later, Hoeneß defended himself at a fan club meeting. The Annual General Meeting had "made an effort to damage my impeccable reputation as manager, board member and now president, there were so many untruths in it that would take three hours, I totally disagree with a discussion at that level apologized to me, I will not speak to him ". Dignity is just very important to Bayern. In the case of Uli Hoeneß unfortunately only one's own.



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