First week of sales “dramatic” for many traders

According to the results collected, 65% of retailers see a drop in sales of 35 to 40% compared to last year.

Lhe first week of sales is “dramatic” for the retail trade, deplores the Neutral Union for Independents (SNI) on Friday. He calls for additional financial measures for the sector in order to provide a solution to the large stock of unsold goods.

According to the results collected by the organization, 65% of retailers see a drop in sales of 35 to 40% compared to the first week of last year’s sales. This sharp decrease is mainly explained by the health measures taken to fight against the coronavirus, with the obligation to make purchases alone and within 30 minutes.

Unclear communication

“All traders are really doing everything they can so that customers can shop safely,” recalls Christine Mattheeuws, president of SNI. “That’s why we keep asking for permission to shop with people in his bubble. “

The organization also regrets an “unclear” communication from politicians and scientists, including on the subject of shopping. “Consumers indicate that they are limiting or postponing their purchases for fear of the potential economic consequences during the fall,” adds Christine Mattheeuws.

SNI invites consumers to go shopping in complete safety to take advantage of good deals and support merchants.


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