First Würzburg, now Erlangen: Drivers get into a flush – Bavaria

In Würzburg they have just calmed down to some extent when the next Franconian university town starts hyperventilating. Both here and there it is about the car. And there is a risk that the ratio will quickly go haywire, even at university locations.

Recently, there was talk of Würzburg, a city that has developed very positively over the past few decades. It has shown itself to be a tolerant, helpful municipality during the so-called refugee crisis. With the help of the universities, the Main seems to have won the fight against the narrow and narrow-minded. And then this: In the middle of the pandemic, the city gets into an extensive state of excitement. Because the corona management doesn’t work? No, because parking a car in a large car park (“Talavera”) will cost money in the future. After all, it had never been like this since the Thirty Years’ War, the critics castigate – yes then.

A few weeks and the start of war in Europe later, the second large Franconian university town is following suit. Würzburg and Erlangen, as far as the university spirit is concerned, is competition at a fairly high level: Erlangen has the larger university, Würzburg has more students per capita (because there are several universities). But Erlangen always seemed more liberal and enlightened. Here the supremacy of Catholic prince-bishops, there the influence of Huguenot immigrants – that of course characterizes a city climate. In any case, reason, practical reason (some also complain: sobriety) has a firm home in Erlangen, come what may. Or?

No, probably not quite. When it comes to cars, they obviously turn their wheels in Erlangen as well. Universitätsstraße, the pretty university boulevard that is dead straight like everywhere else in Erlangen-City, is being rededicated there as a bicycle street. Can hardly anyone be seriously against it? Oh but. Who these days the letters to the editor columns of Erlangen news studied, will – that’s the good news, so to speak – be able to forget the war in Europe very quickly. Poison and bile against pedal madness! And of course: “We citizens” were once again not asked at all. (If only you finally knew whoever this “we” is.)

As bad as in Würzburg, it must be said to save Erlangen’s honor, the flush is not. On the other hand, they seem to have gotten themselves back on the Main in the meantime, although the parking fees there are not off the table. Progress is just a snail. Gladly also from the vineyard.