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Five foods to have beautiful skin

As summer approaches, it's important to take good care of your skin and provide it with what it needs to keep it vibrant.

Most of us take care of their skin outdoors by using creams, serums and other masks without worrying about the impact of the diet on the beauty of the skin of the body and face. It is obvious that a good hydration is essential to allow the skin to fight against the drought. Here are some foods that will sublimate your skin in just a few bites.

1. The egg

Often used as a mask for the hair, the egg – especially the yellow – can be filled with pro-vitamin A and Omega 6, the ideal being to consume his boiled eggs or calf taking care of keep the yellow flowing. Healthy egg yolk helps keep the skin hydrated for longer. It also contains proteins essential to its elasticity.

2. Acerola

This tropical fruit is one of the richest fruits in vitamin C. The powerful antioxidant action of this vitamin helps to prevent the early aging of the skin and therefore to protect against any kind of pollution. In addition, it helps fight against fatigue and facial marks associated with it but also to mitigate any imperfections due to repeated exposure to the sun. Acerola or other fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C are the best allies to look good.

3. Brewer's yeast

Beer yeast naturally contains a high concentration of vitamins of group B, essential for the regeneration of skin cells. They are therefore involved in the healing of wounds or skin marks caused by acne.

4. Canola oil

Particularly rich in vitamin E, rapeseed oil is delicious as a seasoning on a salad of raw vegetables. Like vitamin C, vitamin E is a major antioxidant source that helps wounds heal and reduce stretch marks. Thanks to it, the skin can combat the effects of responsible aging of unwanted brown spots.

5. The nuts

Vitamin E and Omega 6 important for the skin are found in large quantities in nuts. In addition to playing the role of antioxidant, vitamin E allows optimal hydration of the skin. The consumption of nuts is recommended all year round and especially in case of hot weather. Omega 6s play a role in the protective barrier function of the skin.

In conclusion, a varied and balanced diet is essential to keep skin glowing and healthy. At your next meal, consider the benefits that these foods can bring to your skin.

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