Five free games to redeem on PC this weekend

The weekend is coming and although the restrictions are slowly beginning to lift, it is always a good time to stay home playing video games, particularly when they are free.

Between yesterday and today, Thanks to the folks at Epic Games and GOG, five redeemable games of different genres (such as platforming, racing, and RPG) have been enabled to keep you trapped or trapped for hours.

On the Epic side, the games correspond to their already traditional weekly promotion, which gives away one or two titles every Thursday. This week it was renewed with two games inspired by SEGA 16-bit classics, corresponding to the 30th anniversary of the launch of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic Mania is a return to the roots of the popular SEGA mascot, which uses classic 2D sprites but with a color depth impossible in the old consoles, which also flies and does justice to the speed of the hedgehog.

Sonic Mania combines classic scenarios with several new levels, as well as imaginative bosses and some new mechanics, all in a package intended almost exclusively for veterans.

You can redeem it by doing click here.

The second title is Horizon Chase Turbo, an arcade driving game that pays homage to a classic from fichines and consoles like Out-Run, but adapted to the times with three-dimensional graphics and a feeling of extreme speed.

The only weak point is that the multiplayer mode for up to four players is only local to split screen, but those who dare to a solo experience will find a dozen of cups in 48 cities, with more than 100 tracks and 33 unlockable vehicles with various improvements. .

Horizon Chase Turbo is redeemable from this link.

Sonic Mania and Horizon Chase Turbo will be available until next Thursday, when they will be replaced by the first-person puzzle and exploration adventure The Spectrum Retreat.

But Epic Games isn’t the only store giving away games for the next few days. To celebrate the launch of a new summer sale, GOG, the CD Projekt store, is offering the Shadowrun collection free of charge for the entire weekend.

Shadowrun Trilogy is a compilation of all three games in the Shadowrun franchise, a science fiction and fantasy saga based on the tabletop role-playing game of the same name.

The trilogy is composed of Shadowrun Returns, launched in 2013; Shadowrun Dragonfall, from 2014; Y Shadowrun Hong Kong, 2015. Dragonfall and Hong Kong were originally released as Returns expansions, but the Harebrained Schemes studio converted them shortly after their debut into independent products with additional content.

The saga is set in the year 2045, in an alternate future in which magic resurfaced in the world and resulted in the reappearance of mythological creatures and races, such as elves, orcs and dwarves. These elements of fantasy are combined with the cyberpunk universe to offer unique sets and stories.

Each of the three games offer dozens of hours of content and the option to develop the characters to suit the user, so you will be able to have a good time in this tactical role-playing universe with turn-based combat and engaging stories.

You can redeem Shadowrun Trilogy in the GOG store through from this link throughout the weekend. A free store account is required to add it to your library.

And although there are no new free games for consoles, we remind you that it is the last weekend to redeem June’s PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold games.

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