Five fruits that increase blood sugar levels

Most of the food eaten is turned into sugar and is also called glucose. It is an important source of energy for the human body and is transported through the bloodstream to fat, muscle and other cells for storage.

Insulin is responsible for carrying out this transport., which is a hormone released by the pancreas as a response to the presence of glucose in the blood. The organ acts like a key that allows blood sugar to properly enter the cells of the body for their use.

In the case of people who suffer from diabetes, their body does not carry out this transport correctly, which causes high blood sugar levels in the body. Therefore, sugar can be measured in the blood and, for those who suffer from sugar-derived diseases, it is relevant to take it frequently.

According to the Grupo Sanitas de España, it is recommended that blood glucose be measured upon waking up and before breakfast. It is considered normal if glucose levels are between 70 and 100 mg/dl fasting, and less than 140 mg/dl two hours after each meal.

Diet is one of the factors that can negatively or positively affect the regulation of blood sugar. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

For this, a balanced diet must be taken, and with respect to fruits, it is highlighted that their consumption is essential as part of a balanced diet, in addition to the fact that they are one of the main sources of micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals essential for health. body.

However, it is necessary to take care that it is a moderate intake and in adequate portions to avoid, especially in the specific case of some fruits, which favor a rise in sugar, This is indicated by the medical dissemination portal Medical News Today.

In this regard, in an article on the blog of Roche Diabetes Care, In Mexico, certain fruits contain a high glycemic index (or significant amounts of sugar), so their consumption should be regulated, not necessarily removed from the diet.

Among the fruits that have this characteristic, some of the best known are listed, such as pineapple, banana, mango, watermelon, grapes and raisins. In this sense, it is suggested that they be included in controlled portions, also adjusted to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, which indicates that five servings should be eaten a day between vegetables and fruits.

“As much as possible, plan for each meal to include a good mix of starches, fruits and vegetables, protein, and fat. Pay attention to the types of carbohydrates you choose ”, they indicate from the portal Mayo Clinic.

Nutrition and Diabetes
Nutrition and Diabetes – Photo: Assembly WEEK | Photos by Getty Images

It should be said that in relation to blood glucose, and in general with health, food is not enough, it is also essential to adopt good lifestyle habits, such as exercise, reducing smoking and alcohol consumption.

It is just as important to attend the corresponding medical check-ups to make sure that blood sugar is at the right levels, and health professionals are also the only ones to require the correct treatment.

In no way does this article replace the indications given by specialists, nor should it be considered as a professional medical recommendation.

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