Five great Black Friday games from the Epic Games Store

Like Amazon, Epic Games also puts in your store many discounts available to the player who wants to try different titles. As there is much to play, we leave you with five great games you have to try and that they are on sale with a discount with what is very easy to fall into temptation.

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The rockstar west sequel It recently landed on PC, but that hasn’t stopped Epic Games from putting it on sale. If you need to take a look at its appearance on computers, you have our very complete analysis of it available. It is at 47.99.

The third-person shooter, a direct sequel to the first The Division, expands a little more the Washintong DC that was already seen in the first, to go a little further. This new installment, which is once again led by Massive Entertainment, it is just 14,99.

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The third part of more aggressive shooter by Gearbox It is also with a very suggestive discount, you have it at just 40.19 Y it’s too tempting to let it go, since the game arrived on September 13 to all players.

The Outer WorldsIn addition to being another of the very recent releases – October 25 this year – it is nominated for Best Game of the Year at The Game Awards. So this is just one more indication that the Obsidian title oozes quality. You have it available on sale for 44.99.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey It was the popular installment of Ubisoft’s most famous killer franchise, which this time would have as a location during Greek mythology and its culture. If you want to remember it or see more, you have our analysis available. The title is reduced to 26.99.

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¿Would you exchange some or some for others? The Epic Games store is at your disposal, browse at ease through the rest of the games on offer.