Credit: Armada

The Norwegian ship Seabed Constructor advanced in the last hours in the sweep of the first defined area
to look for the submarine

ARA San Juan
and with the submarine autonomous vehicles (AUV) it located nine contacts, of which five present characteristics for which they deserve to be investigated.

While waiting for the preliminary reports, the company Ocean Infinity reported that the five points of interest are "C classification", so they have strong probabilities and further investigation is recommended. For this reason, according to a statement released by the relatives of the 44 crew members of the ARA, two AUVs will be deployed, which will be added to two others that are already in the water.

Credit: Courtesy: Armada Argentina

The classification in the search comprises five categories, in which the class A corresponds to the identification of the object sought, the B indicates a "high probability"; C, "strong probability"; D means "unlikely compatibility" and E -the lowest- refers to "identified as incompatible".

In addition, it was officially reported that the contacts analyzed the previous day corresponded to a geological formation and a sunken fishing vessel, presumably of Chinese origin. According to the investigations, it was "a contact with good reflectivity, of good size and without debris field" and of "a metallic shipwreck with the same dimensions of the sought contact".

In this regard, the Defense Minister, Oscar Aguad, revealed that the sunken ship located "was not in the sea charts." And, in radial statements, he stressed that "it is foreseeable that there will be news, given that the new technology used allows to see the seabed."

"These devices manage to unravel the images and verify whether or not it is the submarine," Aguad said in a dialogue with journalist Marcelo Longobardi on Radio Miter.

Credit: Courtesy: Armada Argentina

The minister also revealed that the previous leadership of the Navy, which headed former naval chief Marcelo Srur, refused to accept the collaboration of British ships in the initial search operation. This chain of command was displaced by the Government in December, one month after the disappearance of the submarine. "There was an initial refusal of the Argentine Navy, expressed by its commander Srur, that the British would participate in the search, but in the Ministry of Defense, we said that all the aid was going to be accepted," Aguad said yesterday. radial statements, by partially correcting information published in the Clarín newspaper.

The minister denied, however, that an offer from Great Britain had been registered to add to the search a minisubmarine of characteristics similar to those now being used by the company Ocean Infinity.



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