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Five new medical AI centers to accelerate disease diagnosis

Next year, five new clinics will open in the UK using artificial intelligence to accelerate the diagnosis of disease.

The medical centers in Leeds, Oxford, Coventry, Glasgow and London are funded by the government to increase investment in AI and improve patient care.

Centers will use AI software to digitize scans and biopsies and develop products to detect disease early.

The large investment, costing £ 50 million, will ensure that people receive personalized treatment earlier and give doctors time.

Government Announces £ 50 Million Investment in Artificial Intelligence Centers to Shorten Diagnostic Time (Warehouse)

Government Announces £ 50 Million Investment in Artificial Intelligence Centers to Shorten Diagnostic Time (Warehouse)

Government Announces £ 50 Million Investment in Artificial Intelligence Centers to Shorten Diagnostic Time (Warehouse)

Greg Clark, Minister of Economy, Energy and Industrial Strategy, said, "AI has the potential to revolutionize healthcare and improve life for the better."

"The innovation in these new centers will help diagnose diseases earlier, provide people with more treatment options, and streamline reporting, so that time-honored NHS staff can devote time to direct patient care."

The new centers, which will be located at universities and NHS facilities, are expected to open in 2019.

Health and Social Affairs Minister Matt Hancock said: "Artificial intelligence will play a crucial role in the future of the NHS, and we must adopt it by introducing systems that accelerate diagnosis, improve patient outcomes, make every pound higher and doctors help more time with their patients.

"As part of our long-term plan, we will transform the NHS into an ecosystem of enterprise and innovation that enables technology to flourish and evolve."

Mr. Hancock recently presented a vision for building the "most advanced health and care system in the world" by transforming NHS technology.

NHS outdated and obstructive IT systems are a thing of the past, he said in The Future of Healthcare.

He said, "The tech revolution is coming to the NHS. These robust standards ensure that every part of the NHS can leverage the best technology to improve patient safety, reduce delays and speed up appointments. "

His vision is on AI to help diagnose diseases and gain better insights into treatment and prevention, as well as the use of robots to assist people and their caregivers in rehabilitation, dementia support or medication management.

Technological advances could also include the communication of patient notes, booking appointments and the processing of prescriptions.

These will build on the £ 20 billion long-term plan to change health and social care so that treatment can be improved and patients better cared for.

Are NHS employees being trained to use robots and AI?

Thousands of NHS employees will be trained in robotics and artificial intelligence, it was announced in April.

New developments in genomics, digital medicine, artificial intelligence and robotics have already revolutionized some NHS treatments such as ophthalmic surgery and knee replacement.

Former Health and Welfare Minister Jeremy Hunt called on US scientist Eric Topol to review how the NHS can develop new treatments and technologies to transform healthcare.

Dr. A specialist in cardiology, genetics and digital medicine, Topol has already explored the use of wireless and smartphone technology in healthcare and led a multi-million dollar US research program focused on the use of technology and data to enable a more precise, customized patient treatment.

Supported by international experts, his independent study examines artificial intelligence – including robotics – genomics and digital medicine.


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