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Five penalties in four games … What is the problem of the defense of Marseille?

Pelé picks up Mbappe's punishment for PSG. – F. Fife / AFP

  • The OM, winner of Nîmes on Sunday, returns to Lyon on five points this Sunday. But in order to secure a qualification in the Champions League, it is necessary that the OM no longer penalties.
  • Marseille is Ligue 1's most sanctioned team this season in its repair area. This proves the great excitement of the player Rudi Garcia.

"No, but it's not possible": The close-up of the face of Dimitri Payet in the 94th minute of this OM-Nîmes was worth the detour. Bouna Sarr had almost conceded the wildest penalty in history by grabbing the ball with both hands as the action continued.

Frank Schneider, with the support of his VAR, has finally changed: The Nimes Denis Bouanga touched (grazed?) The heel of Sarr. "I was scared," Marseille said, "I heard a whistle from the platform, and it's true that it took a long time for me to fall, and then I know I casually put my hands on the ball knew there were mistakes! "

Eleven penalties in 32 days, a record in L1

OM did not give his … twelfth penalty of the season. Indeed, Marseille have conceded eleven penalties this year, more than any other Ligue 1 team. This equates to 26% of OM's goals: in Ligue 1 it is twice as high as the average (12%).

Worse, the trend is accelerating. In five games, OM has conceded five penalties (four goals). This means a serious feverish defense of Marseille, the twelfth defense of Ligue 1, which scored an average of 1.3 goals per game. Here, too, the trend is getting worse: in the last five meetings OM has collected 1.6 goals every 90 minutes.

Rudi Garcia lets go of his joker

Boubacar Kamara, author of a hand punishing Nimes, apologized in the mixed zone: "We did not talk to Bouna (Sarr), but for me the Nîmes had no control over the ball and did not want to shoot, so it's serious. "

What is Rudi Garcia thinking? Is he worried about this "acute penaltitis"? He was asked … and he got in touch. "Joker. Small raise: but why does the OM award so many penalties? As a passionate theorist of arbitrary conspiracy, we waited for a rush from Rudi Garcia. Mistake, he made the choice of diplomacy: "I think we're guilty! It's better to say that at least, but I'll check it (if we have a mistake) and I'll answer you more closely afterwards."

Bouna Sarr, he acknowledges that this is a weakness of Marseilles:

It is true that it shows some excitement: The opponent forces us to the error! We have a lot granted this year, the VAR does not always help us, it must be said. We have to be more vigilant so that it does not hurt us at the end of the season. "

The two points fell against Angers, while OM led 2-0 and could be expensive in the final sprint. These two penalties have in any case traumatized the Marseillais: "Again we lead 2-0, we punish, says Rudi Garcia … The ghost of Angers is back, it's human!"




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