Five stole an expensive car from the yard of a house in Germany

Unknown persons stole an expensive car from the yard of a house in the Sofia village of German while the owners were sleeping. The case is from the night of March 16. Security camera footage shows five men casually walking around the house’s yard for about 20 minutes. Then they drive the car out and even close the metal door. Interestingly, the owner of the car used a protective case for the key, which should not have been able to intercept the signal. A call to 112 was made two hours after the theft. The owners are sure that the car was originally kept in a garage in Gorubljane.

“We have cameras on the house and on the street. The footage shows the thieves getting out of the car and calmly entering the house, where four families live. You can see how they walk on the floors and in the yard.” This is what the owner of the stolen car, Maria Popova, told “Nova”.

According to her, the thieves were carrying a special “telescope” device with which they intercepted the signal from the car key. “It struck me that one of the men was limping, which is a distinguishing mark.”