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Five ways you can share a car on your trips


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Not many years have passed, but the auto-stop, so fashionable in the 80s and 90s, may have already gone down in history. And responsible for its decline has been the mobile phone and the so-called "app", since technology makes possible new ways of traveling by sharing car and expenses, whether you are the owner or the passenger.

The car is the most used transport for medium and long distance trips in most countries in EuropeHowever, the fact of sharing a vehicle is still an unknown practice for many. But the future of mobility is changing completely and new services are emerging that allow us to share a vehicle with other people who want to make the same journey and save us a few euros.

Carpooling is one of the collaborative economy options with better reception since the displacement is cheaper and less polluting and you can even meet interesting people who will make the trip much more enjoyable. If you are thinking about using one of these services, but you still do not know how they work, DriiveMe has grouped them in a list to choose the one that best suits your needs.

1. Carpooling applications

Carpooling is the concept by which the practice of the private vehicle shared as such is called. This international trend has more and more applications and digital platforms in which drivers and passengers can share expenses in the same vehicle.

In these applications, the driver registers the offer of the trip and establishes the departure and destination point and the price per passenger. The user searches the application and chooses the desired path by paying the established amount. Blablacar and Amovens are the most used in our country if what you want is to move between two specific points.

2. Carsharing for short trips

Carsharing, however, is a saving when traveling with respect to using your own vehicle, but it has limitations since the vehicle belongs to a company. These services are based on offering a fleet of cars to the public so that they can use them at a rate that depends on the time of use.

The best-known companies in Spain are Bluemove, which offers hourly vehicles, or fleets of companies such as Emov, Car2go, ZITY or WIBLE, in which the price is per minute and is around 0.25 € / min.

The problem with this type of service is that they only operate in the center of large cities and their availability depends on demand.

3. Private transport applications

They are the famous services of Uber and Cabify. They offer a private service based on the user's geolocation with the so-called VTC licenses (rental vehicle with driver).

The passenger can choose the vehicle and know the price before requesting the transfer and it is normally used for short distance urban routes. The price is lower than that of a taxi and of course we can also share the journey to save us a few euros.

4. The new car rental

Technology means that every time there is a greater number of services to move at the best price and in the simplest way and there are already new applications to travel comfortably and at the best price.

One of the applications that has revolutionized the concept of car rental is DriiveMe, which offers journeys across Europe for just one euro. This company, of French origin, publishes journeys between two specific points and users can reserve the vehicle for € 1. It operates in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the United Kingdom and Germany, and already has more than one million users throughout Europe. In addition, from the company itself invite their users to share the vehicle to cover fuel costs and tolls (if any).

Another mode is offered by companies such as SocialCar and Amovens, where vehicle owners can publish their car when they do not use it and others can use them.

5. The classic bulletin boards.

Whether in the neighborhood community of your neighborhood, among your colleagues, or in forums and websites, announcing your trip in a classic way is still possible. Several companies such as Carpling, offer the possibility of sharing the car daily to go to work, or choose the days you want to travel to see which users perform the same route.

In addition, in many Spanish companies there is known as "commercial carsharing", that is, they have a fleet of vehicles available for their employees and some even have an online tool to reserve the vehicle when they need it.

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