Five young people save girl (14) from kidnapper: police are looking for perpetrator and witnesses (Middelkerke)

In Middelkerke, five young people freed a 14-year-old girl from the hands of a man who tried to kidnap her. The police are now looking for the five boys and have distributed a search message to the possible perpetrator.


Saturday 25 June 2022 at 13:53

The facts date back to January 26. A 14-year-old girl is waiting at 7 pm – it is already pitch dark – for the coastal tram at the Sint-Laureins stop on the Koninklijke Baan in Middelkerke. The girl had previously seen a white van, and noted that it drove past a number of times and eventually parked opposite the stop. A man gets out and walks up to the child. He asks her if she needs to go somewhere, but the girl says she will take the tram. The man then returns to his van, but changes his mind shortly afterwards. He grabs her and tries hard to pull her away. The girl calls for help.

Just then, five boys come running out of the dunes. Three of them deal with the perpetrator: they hit and kick him and chase him back to his van. This way the girl can stay out of the hands of the man.

The police now want to know what exactly happened and are therefore launching a search message. The suspect man is around 40 years old and has tan skin. He was wearing black pants with the Nike brand logo at the height of the right trouser pocket, a black mouth mask and a black cap. The boys were dressed inconspicuously, but the victim still remembers that one of the young people wore a white cap and a black body warmer. They spoke Dutch.

A witness also saw a suspicious vehicle driving around the area several times that same evening. The van caught the eye of the witness because it shone like a mirror. The witness was able to have a robot photo of the driver made. That man is 40 to 50 years old and probably 1m70 to 1m75 tall. He is plump and has a tawny complexion. He was clean-shaven, had short black hair and wore dark clothes.

Do you recognize the man in the robot photo, were you one of the 5 young people, or do you have more information about this case, please contact the investigators on 0800/30.300.