Health Fix Of Miami Man Killing, Lawyers For Actor Pablo...

Fix Of Miami Man Killing, Lawyers For Actor Pablo Lyle Ask the Judge to Let it Back to Mexico – Miami CBS t


MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A star telenovela Mexican accused of man marking and killing during a traffic incident in last December.

It is entrusted to Lyle, 33, to spend punch to kill Juan Ricardo Hernandez 63 years of age. His attorney argues that Lyle spent a punch to protect himself and his family, according to the law of Stand Your Ground Florida.

A judge refused in advance the argument that Lyle was standing and that the decision was being appealed.

Hernandez suffered a broken skull and internal bleeding and died four days later in Jackson Memorial Hospital.

The incident took place on 31 March. Lyle was a passenger in a car driven by his brother-law when he cut Hernandez from the intersection of NW 27 Avenue and 14 Street.

At stop lights, Hernandez ran up to SUV Lyle and was interrupted in the window. “He was very ugly, he was very worried and angry,” said Lyle's brother, Lucas Delfino, who was driving. “He was hitting the window high,” he said.

Lyle was arrested on a surveillance video running away from the passenger's direction towards Hernandez. His brother also got the car out, but he wasn't in the park and began to roll into the intersection.


The brother-law ran back to the car to stop the roll and Hernandez walked back towards his own car. That is when the video shows that Lyle is running towards Hernandez and throwing and landing on a single point.

On Wednesday, Lyle's solicitors told the judge that their client in the US is a tourist visa and they are not allowed to operate.

Lyle lawyers say that he is not fair and that he should be allowed to return home to do so to support his wife and two children.

Attorney General Bruce Lehr said, “He is being arrested by the house and couldn't be with his family.” T

After the hearing we spoke to Lyle's solicitors.

Peter Dʼenen asked CBS4 on Phillip Reisenstein, “Why do you think he should be allowed to return home?”

“He should be allowed to return home because he is accepted as innocent and has shown himself to be responsible to this court.” T

Lehr said, “When he went to Mexico and heard that he was charged, he came back. He must make a life. He must support his family. ”

“That is 10 months that Pablo couldn't work and he couldn't feed his family. It's not going anywhere. This is being punished for his family. ”

A prosecutor showed concern that Lyle could not return if allowed to go to Mexico.

“What guarantees does it come back? First of all, unless he returns, his family loses everything and includes a property whose brother and sister live in Florida. That's number one. Number two, where is it to hide? He is an international film star. He can not hide anywhere. Mexico has an extradition treaty with the United States. There would also be additional charges, including band jumping, ”said Reisenstein.

With regard to the allegations against Lyle, “We are going to deal with the charges and we are going to be in a position,” says Reisenstein.

“I saw the video. I'm 100 percent sure he did. ”

The judge arranged another hearing for next Wednesday when she could announce if Lyle could return to Mexico.

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