Fix! The Indonesian version of the Hyundai Creta will be similar to the Brazilian version

The Hyundai Creta is getting closer to its launch. Now, the APM leaked the form of the Hyundai Creta to the editor of OtoDriver with lighter camouflage.

And sure enough, this Hyundai Creta looks very similar to the Brazilian version. So, obviously, the Indonesian version of Creta will be different in design from the Indian version.

Starting from the front, the grille looks to have a striking design difference. While the other part is the stern. It looks like the taillights have 2 separate designs. But for parts it still looks similar.

In Brazil itself, the Hyundai Creta comes in several engine variants. Among them are 1,000 cc turbo 3 cylinders with 120 hp and 172 Nm of torque and also a 2,000 cc 4 cylinder non-turbo engine with power reaching 167 hp and 202 Nm of torque.

Most likely, the Hyundai Creta will launch at the GIIAS 2021 event which will be held on November 11-21, 2021. Stay tuned on the OtoDriver site for information on the launch of this Honda HR-V competitor.