Flagrantly violates article 75 of the LOPE

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Mayerling Occhino, National Secretary for Electoral Affairs of the Pencil Alliance together with the rector Enrique Márquez, president of the Commission for Political Participation and Financing of the CNE. Photo: Pencil press

Mayerling Occhino, Secretary National Electoral Affairs Office of the Pencil Alliance, denounced this Friday before the National Electoral Council the advantage of the candidate for Mayor of Caracas for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Carmen Meléndez.

In the document, which was received by the rector Enrique Márquez, president of the Political Participation and Financing Commission, evidence of the use of public resources for Meléndez’s political campaign is evidenced, making direct mention of his participation as representative of the Executive, at the inauguration of public works as well as in different activities of the State.

“At this time she does not have any public position that accredits her for this purpose,” Occhino said upon leaving the electoral body.

The also candidate for list councilor in Caracas recalled that the use of resources and public goods for proselytizing purposes is prohibited in the Venezuelan legal system.

For this reason, he referred to what is typified in article 75 of the Organic Law of Electoral Processes (LOPE). «In the few hours we have on the campaign, we see a flagrant violation of 75 of the LOPE on social networks and state media. During the pre-campaign, this was what marked the candidate’s agenda, ”he emphasized.

After insisting that public media are again being used disproportionately to favor the candidates of the ruling party, Occhino indicated that this complaint seeks that the body in charge of the rector Márquez opens a prompt investigation.

“In the midst of such a short campaign and with so many economic limitations due to the country’s crisis, the disproportionate use of public media can lead to an incorrect imbalance for those who dispose of them illegally,” he said.

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