Flamengo wants Everton: «It cost Benfica considerable value»

Still looking for affirmation at Benfica, the possibility of Everton returning to Brazil is real. Marcos Braz, vice president of Flamengo, admitted that the red winger enters Mengão’s thoughts.

“We don’t have that loan option at Everton Cebolinha. It cost Benfica a considerable amount. But he is not the only one we understand who can strengthen the club. We are in tune with Paulo Sousa to bring the reinforcements within the area that he understands that we needed to hire», he acknowledged to the Donos da Bola program.

Everton, 25, arrived in Luz last season at the request of Jorge Jesus and in exchange for 20 million euros. In 2020/21, he played 48 games, scored eight goals and scored 10 assists, but never assumed the role of undisputed starter.

With the departure of Jesus, the Brazilian was an option in Nelson Veríssimo’s initial choices whenever he was available. This season, he participated in 30 games, scored five assists and scored as many goals, the last of which in the last match, in the League Cup semi-final, against Boavista.