Uncertain weather is in the forecast for much of New England on Tuesday, with heavy thunderstorm warnings and clocks for many.

Severe thunderstorm warnings were issued to several counties in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Connecticut. Flash flood alerts were issued in Massachusetts, including the Greater Boston, New Hampshire and Vermont. In large parts of New England, a severe thunderstorm was issued.

A tornado alert was issued on Tuesday afternoon for parts of North Connecticut but has now expired.

There have been many reports of trees and wires throughout Massachusetts, and heavy floods have been reported in Manchester, New Hampshire. Thousands lost by the storm of power.

During the early morning there were scattered showers and thunderstorms in Vermont and New Hampshire, which solidified in the late morning across southern New Hampshire to West Massachusetts.

For the afternoon we look down on a series of thunderstorms along the Maine Turnpike down to Central Massachusetts and across much of Connecticut, heading east for dinner to the coast.

Wind in front of the front is from the south at 10 to 20 miles per hour, but any thunderstorm can produce gusts of more than 60 miles per hour, with the wind locally damaging.

The rain could briefly be torrential, and productive lightning is likely. Flash flooding is also possible with local 2-inch plus rainfall in less than an hour.

The storm line should move at sunset from the coast towards the sea.

Then we have warm but much less humid air coming in the rest of the week.

The high pressure from Canada brings sunshine and warm afternoons in the mid-80s and nocturnal lows in the 50s to the 60s.

The weekend should start with sunshine, but the humidity builds up again, and a front can bring showers until Sunday.

Early next week we could have a front here in New England where tropical humidity is flowing north, with the possibility of occasional heavy rain for a few days, we might really need the rain, but that's still a way out.



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