What happened next was absolutely surreal and the stuff of United and Manchester derby legend. There is little point in working up the details here – I'm sure you've seen all the highlights over and over again. I only write: Pogba, Pogba, Smalling. Oh, and it's always worth mentioning that Herrera's assistant scored his first goal – so well that Kompany apparently got an electric shock just by whizzing by.

Within a short time we had developed from head-in-hand humiliation to a pure delirium, and at the other end the bodies descended the staircases. Strangely enough, the city fans were silent. There were still two goals from the title, 20 minutes before the end. The game was not finished.

But David De Gea's late rescue from Aguero and a penalty kick, United was relatively comfortable. The fans left of the away had a stony face. Bamboozled The whole stadium – a bar with a dizzying bag in the South Stand – was full of fear.

At full time, the blues had tears in their eyes. In the stands, they console themselves while the stadium is emptying. Away from the curious television cameras, the club officials rebuilt the unused fireworks. Months later, Jose Mourinho suggested he saw T-shirts with "We Got It on Derby Day" ready to go into the player's tunnel.



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