Flashed in Hamburg, Rommelstraße, height of house no. 19 – avoid fines, points and driving ban!

Have you been accused of exceeding the maximum speed permitted here within built-up areas?

Then the accusation from the Hamburg fine office is based on the measurement of a radar measurement set up here.

However, this is often so imprecise that your appeal has a very good chance of success.

Radar measurements take place by means of emitted microwave beams – these are bundled via a directional antenna of the speed camera and sent out in a targeted manner. Nevertheless, the measuring cone widens to a width of 5 degrees.

It is precisely this widening of the measuring beam and the possibility of reflections that lead to problems with assignment. Then it is not certain on which vehicle the claimed speed was measured.

This uncertainty can also occur when there are several vehicles in the detection range of the speed camera.

Radar devices must be set up at a specific measuring angle. If the device is not precisely adjusted to the gradient of the road, excessive speed values ​​are automatically displayed.

This phenomenon also occurs when the vehicle is detected in an inclined position, such as when overtaking.

The validity of the calibration is only one year. Frequently, the maintenance intervals are not observed, which leads to their lapse. Then the entire series of measurements must be canceled or at least a very high tolerance range of at least 20% must be allowed.

These and many other errors can be found when evaluating your measurement logs.

Lawyer Andreas Junge will therefore evaluate your file and have a technical expert report prepared for each measurement process. This is the basis for applications to prove the inaccuracy of your measurement.

The result is an acquittal or at least the proceedings are discontinued.

In this case, you are spared points in the driving aptitude register (formerly the central traffic register) in Flensburg or even a driving ban.

If you have legal protection insurance, you will not incur any costs for this procedure.

Important: Contact a lawyer who specializes in administrative offenses law as early as possible, preferably when you have received a hearing form from the authority. Lawyer Andreas Junge knows how to defend you effectively at this early stage of the proceedings.

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