He announces that he will keep them the same as now the entire legislature. Nor will it touch the module system. Only agrees to increase the provision of agricultural insurance

Farmers hoped that after the meeting they held this week at the Ministry of Agriculture, a counterproposal by Minister Luis Planas had already been made on the bulk of the measures requested by agricultural groups. But, apparently, the position of the Ministry remains immovable and the only thing that has been confirmed is that the agricultural diesel and efficient irrigation bonus is maintained, and that the unique objective regime for farmers in the IRPF – known as modules- will not suffer increments. The only request that has been met, halfway, is that the minister has pledged to increase in the next budgets the provision for agricultural insurance.

The sector, which requested draft measures, both fiscal and in quotations, as structural and financial, confirmed yesterday to LA RAZÓN that they continue “without meeting the true needs” of the field and, therefore, will continue with their claims “until they really attend ». They will continue to demand that special financial aid – as Germany or France have already done – be approved, that Social Security contributions for farmworkers be lowered, that the electric tariff rates for irrigation and fuels be increased, and that, although it has been proposed to increase the provision of insurance, the freezing of premiums has not been addressed.

From the Ministry they refer to the measures announced last Tuesday: the contracts must formalize in writing the production costs to guarantee the price; loss sales and deceptive promotional campaigns are prohibited; fractional payment of taxes will be allowed for young farmers who join the activity; the minimum to access the agricultural subsidy in Andalusia and Extremadura will be reduced from 35 to 20 peon; and the conversion of eventual contracts into fixed or discontinuous fixed will be discounted.

On the other hand, Planas will propose to the autonomous communities the implementation of an inspection plan for agricultural contracts to enforce the urgent measures approved by the Government this week and that will be presented at the next Agriculture Sector Conference and linked to compliance of Royal Decree Law 5/2020.


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