Flavio Mendoza returned to act in theater and showed his happiness

Flavio and Geretto, both infected by the play. (PHOTO THE VOICE)

This weekend, the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires reopened activities that were prohibited by the restrictions and one of those that returned was the theater.

And Flavio Mendoza raised the curtain to continue with the play Tres empanadas, which is on stage at the Broadway theater.

“We are happy to be back on Corrientes Street, that people laugh and enjoy it. Art and culture are necessary for everyone, “said Flavio, while Flor de la V assured that it was noted that the public” is tired of virtuality and that they needed to go out and enjoy themselves. “

“It is a spectacle that was born out of the pandemic when not many people could yet get together. I always say that quantity does not make quality. I am with two monsters from the theater and with some incredible dancers ”, said Flavio before the TN cameras.

“Everyone told me that the show is very nice because it tells personal things about each one. So the viewer goes through all the states and that is very good, “he added.


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