Fleet insurance and related risks, Évreux

Identification of the organization awarding the contract and contact: Department of Eure, 14 boulevard Georges-Chauvin, 27000 Evreux, email: [email protected], Internet address (es): address of the buyer profile: https://marchespublics.eure.fr

Subject: Insurance “vehicle fleet and related risks”

Code CPV principal : 66514110 motor vehicle insurance services
Estimated total value: 800.000,00
Change : EUR
Duration of the contract: Start: 2022-01-01 / End: 2026-12-31
Number and consistency of lots: Not applicable, no batch.
Procedure: Open procedure (open call for tenders).
Terms of contract award: Single lot lot; period of validity of offers: 6 months.
In the event of a consortium, a DC1 common to the consortium and by each member of the consortium must be provided with the documents mentioned above.
Likewise, the insurance intermediary who applies for an insurance company must provide the documents required for the application, for the company represented and for himself.
Selection criteria : The criteria will be graded from 1 to 10, (10 corresponding to the best score), these scores being assigned the following weighting coefficient:
– Nature and extent of guarantees, quality of contractual clauses: Coefficient 5 The needs of the public purchaser are precisely defined in the specifications. Also the candidate who presents an offer without reservation or amendment will obtain the maximum score. For candidates who present reservations, these will be judged with regard to their impact, particularly economic.
– Pricing: Coefficient 4 This criterion will be judged on the basis of the premium including tax.
For markets where the price is a unit price, the premium including tax will be calculated by applying the unit price to the last known premium base and / or to an estimated premium base.
The “lower priced” offer will obtain the maximum score.
The formula for calculating the score for the other tariff offers is as follows: Offer score = Maximum score (10) x lower premium amount
Amount of the premium for the analyzed offer: The score resulting from the application of this formula will constitute the score for the price criterion rounded to 2 digits after the decimal point, affected by the weighting coefficient.
– Methods and procedure for managing files, and in particular claims, by the company and / or the intermediary: Coefficient 1 This criterion will be noted from the answers provided by the candidate to the appendix “management agreement”.
Deadline: 07/29/2021
Miscellaneous information : Internet address: https://marchespublics.eure.fr
Date sent to publication: 28/06/2021

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