Flekken injured: Freiburg looks to Berlin

“For the time being” Mark Flekken (27) will be absent from SC Freiburg, an elbow injury puts the new number one out of action for weeks. A situation to which the Breisgau residents have to and want to react.

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To FT-Information, one is considering borrowing from Nils Körber in Freiburg. The 23-year-old has been back at Hertha BSC since the summer and is only number three there.

In the past seasons, K√∂rber has gained match practice at Preu√üen M√ľnster (20 third division games) and VfL Osnabr√ľck (34 third and eight second division games). At the beginning of the current season he guarded the box of Hertha’s U23 three times.

Uphoff between the posts

Now the step into the Bundesliga could follow. It is unclear whether he would play in Freiburg straight away. With Benjamin Uphoff, SCF had brought the new number two from Karlsruher SC in August.

The 27-year-old Flekken, who was injured while warming up, represented the trophy at Waldhof Mannheim (2: 1). Coach Christian Streich then confirmed that Uphoff had a good performance.

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