Fleury-les-Aubrais psychiatric hospital: unacceptable threats

As in all hospitals, the staff of the Daumezon psychiatric hospital in Fleury-les-Aubrais, in the suburbs of Orleans, received a letter a few weeks ago threatening to suspend those who do not have their salary. no health pass.

The most precarious workers, in particular the ASH (hospital service agents) responsible for cleaning, would even see their contract permanently suspended for lack of presentation of the pass. They all remember the time when they were asked to work without a mask and at a reduced workforce under the pretext of reducing contamination. The workforce was insufficient even before the pandemic, and today many positions are still vacant. In the reintegration units, the teams are sometimes even reduced to three, while the minimum foreseen, already quite insufficient, is four. To make up for the staff shortage, caregivers are transferred from one service to another without the necessary training and with no regard for their safety.

As for infrastructure and equipment, it feels like another time. In a unit given the nickname waste bin by the caregivers themselves, only two rooms have individual showers and toilets. The isolation room is equipped with a bucket for patient needs. Some rooms are overcrowded, so cots are sometimes installed. These deplorable working conditions, for insufficient wages, lead to work stoppages which further aggravate the situation.

The threats of sanction remain in the throats of many workers, whether or not they have the medical pass.

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