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Flexgate: the collective action finally rejected by the judge

by archyw

Bad news for American owners of 13-inch MacBook Pro released between 2016 and 2017: the judge in charge of the class action ” Flexgate The accusation dismissed. As a reminder, this problem concerns the screen backlight cable: too short, it can be damaged prematurely by opening and closing the cover. If applicable, the backlight displays visible bands, as in this example:

Apple recognized the problem and the manufacturer launched a repair program, but only for the 2016 13-inch MacBook Pro. The class action sought to recognize that the 15-inch models were also affected and also to obtain compensation. financial from the builder.

The judge concluded that Apple was well aware of Flexgate, which was the first step necessary for the class action to succeed. But that was not enough, it would also be necessary that the problem represents a danger deliberately hidden by Apple. On this point, the judgment reported by the specialized site Law360 is negative: the problem appeared outside the warranty period, but since it is not dangerous, Apple did not have to mention it.

All is not yet lost for the complainants. The judge agrees to reconsider his position if they can prove that the flaw was a safety issue and that Apple knew the flaw was sure to happen. Suffice to say that it is not won and that the Flexgate should not go further. As a reminder, Macs designed from 2018 are no longer affected, the cable in question being slightly longer to avoid premature wear.


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