Flexound Pulse, the wraparound seats for cinemas that generate 3D sound and vibration | Entertainment

A cinema chair where the sound is transmitted through the foam, instead of the speakers. And it seems to be working…

Augmented audio technology Flexound was created to help autistic children focus their attention and connect what they see with what they hear.

Now the Finnish company has found a commercial application for it: Flexound Pulse, enveloping seats for cinemas that enhance the audiovisual experience by generate 3D sound and vibration throughout the seat.

The Flexound Pulse system transmits 5.1 sound through the foam of the chair, instead of the speakers. This makes body vibrate according to the origin of the sound, which corresponds to what is happening on the screen. You can see how it works in this video:

It is a solution that brings a few advantages.

The sound is emitted individually for each seat, so huge (and expensive) speakers are not needed on the walls of cinemas, lowering its cost a lot. It also allows you to create small cinemas or projection rooms at home, companies, cultural centers, etc.

Unlike in a movie theater, where the seats that are closer to the wall or that are not in the center of the room, cannot perceive the spatiality of the audio well, here all seats ensure the same top-quality experience for everyone.

One of the cheapest 4K projectors on the market. It has a native resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, with HDR, with a maximum size of 300 inches. It also supports 3D cinema and can operate with a 24 Hz refresh rate for cinematic content.

Flexound also explains in its press release that these sensory seats barely emit sound beyond their audio bubble, so movie theater walls don’t need insulation.

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No speakers on the walls and no insulation, no doubt building a movie theater would greatly reduce its price.

It is an interesting idea, but we have doubts about the sound impact that the sound transmitted through the foam of the seat can cause.

Acer projectors are among the best on the market, and it has models of all types and prices. Let’s see which are the best in their catalog.

Flexound has already installed this system in several Finnish cinemas, and ensures that in the market tests it has carried out, 97% of users were satisfied with the experience, and 91% would recommend it to friends.

At the moment there is no news of a possible installation of this type of wraparound seats in Spain.