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Flight of an accident mostly without consequences: Citizens must assume that they can get away with crimes – Berlin


Whoever harms others has to pay for it. If he doesn't immediately know who he harmed – for example because he rammed a parked car – then he has to find it out, be it by waiting.

However, this happens less and less. According to the latest figures, five years ago, a quarter of the cases that were reported were indicted or requested for a criminal order. This number dropped to a good 17 percent last year.

What does that say? First of all, that the complaint by the public prosecutor's office is far from over: Investigators are still overworked, understaffed, and they are closing proceedings because they cannot keep up.

Every day, they have to find a way to at least pursue the relevant – which is often not possible, as a case revealed by Tagesspiegel shows, which was only taken up again after the Senator intervened. This is a fatal signal for the citizens. You have to expect to get away with crime. And lose confidence in the functioning of the judiciary.

It is a small consolation that 17 percent is still quite a lot in comparison. Because for many other offenses, the indictment rate is around ten percent.


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