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Flight to Seattle diverted to heavy turbulence, 3 hospitalized

Photo courtesy of Joe Justice

SEATTLE – A Delta flight from Orange County, California, to Seattle was diverted to Reno on Wednesday afternoon after Reno, after experiencing severe turbulence, said a spokesman for Compass Airlines.

Five people on board were reportedly injured during the flight. According to the spokesman, two passengers and a flight attendant were taken to hospital for assessment. The extent of her injuries is currently unclear.

The spokesman said the plane had landed safely and Delta had provided resources to assist the passengers. Passengers should arrive in Seattle at 17.00. Wednesday on an alternate flight.

"We are a rescue aircraft, numerous injuries, we do not have as many injuries as I. I understand that we have two flight attendants who can be disabled with several passengers," the pilot said in an air traffic control record.

Joe Justice took a video when he was after the turbulence on the plane.

"Crazy turbulence and injury, but the Delta crew did it perfectly, even the emergency landing," Justice tweeted.

The flight Compass Air Flight 5763 was performed as Delta Flight 5763.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.



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